Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dazey X Dynamite

The last post was about a series of skateboards that I did two years ago called, Rotten to the Core.  During that same time I worked on a couple more decks.  The difference is, the deck series was hand-painted, while the two in this post were stenciled.

There are no real explanations for these works, because other than imagination, there is nothing concrete that was of any true influence.  Maybe childhood cartoons had something to do with it.

Who would have ever imagined seeing a bee approaching a flower while wearing a gas mask?  Me evidently.  Some flowers looks beautiful, but it's all part of their perennial plan to deceive us.

And men in purple hoodies smoking sticks of dynamite?  Do tell!  You love it.

Dazey (left) and Dynamite (right) are no longer in my possession.  Both items have been offered to friends as gifts for Christmas and a birthday.

The photos provided are the only ones I have.  Sorry for the lack of details.

Buzz, sting, BOOM!

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