Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today in Wilmington 11-18-08

Sometime in the late afternoon in Wilmington, DE it snowed for the first time this season (Fall), but hopefully not the last of the cold season (cold as in Winter, not sick).  It was a beautiful day outside while it lasted.

The other thing that I have the displeasure of announcing is that Souljah Boy came downtown to Villa to do an autograph signing.  Yes, the same guy that danced while rapping about finishing his business on a woman's back, then throwing a sheet on her as a cape.  And your kids love it!

The block filled up with anxious girls and children, screaming and flailing their arms.  The outside scene was a frenzy that I admired from a fourth story window.

Needless to say, I'm no fan, I wish he never came here, and I heard from some others that he simply signed some posters and folks were sent on their way.  There was no meet and greet.  No pictures with fans.  Just take the signed poster and leave.

Why is he supported?  Say hi to your fans, dude!

But what do I know?  I'm just a hater.  I wish somebody would Superman Souljah Boy.  That would be priceless!


Jules said...

LOL....first that snow happened so quickly....i forgot about it

2) i didn't know soulja was in DE, I had to play his hit just to recall him. lol I don't think many people are really a fan of him, just a fan of his famous status.

What you don't like to do the soulja dance?

E_Napier said...

The dance is passe. It had it's moment in time, but that time was mid to late 2007. I did the dance a few times clowning around, but I can't honestly say that I ever liked it enough to respect it.

To each his own.