Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hold Me

Hold Me is a custom made longboard fabricated by the father of a friend, who made this deck specifically for another friend of mine.

Once my buddy got his hands on the board, he opted, rather than put grip tape on it for control, that he would place artificial turf on it, because he rides barefoot.

He was happy with the board up until that point, and this is where I come in. He asked me to lace his longboard with a graphic, and naturally I accepted the request.

What kind of imagery fits with artificial turf? I'm not entirely sure, but I didn't want anything that screamed, Obvious!

I struggled for months (yes, months) with an image to stencil on this board, but being that it's Christmas, I figured now is the best time to get crackin' on this piece. Mental revision after mental revision was made, but here we are. Low and behold, when pandas attack! Hold me!

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