Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Loyalty is a stencil piece that I did for a charity event earlier in the year called Barkitecture. Without getting into too many specifics about the event, it raises money through selling art, in order to benefit the Faithful Friends no-kill animal shelter here in Wilmington. So, it was for a good cause.

Out of all the dogs and cats on the planet, I went with Lassie. Why? Why Lassie? My question to you would be, why not Lassie?

When I think of loyal pets, I think of Lassie, in all of her splendor, attempting great feats of courage, strength, and loyalty. I view Scots as being the same way (or at least the few that I've met and know). The breed of dog is a rough collie, which originated in Scotland, hence the tartan.

The tartan is not made from a pattern I happened to dream up. In fact, the tartan is based on that of the Scottish royal guard.

Everything on the canvas is stenciled or was taped off, with the exception of the overlapping blue stripes. That part I'm not giving away, but nothing on there is free-hand, or crafted with a brush. Even the script in the lower left-hand corner is stenciled.

This is something I wish I still had, but I'm glad it was able to help the animals a little bit.

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