Thursday, March 12, 2009


That's the sound of the police!

I was listening to RSE Radio today, and Toki Wright (recently signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment! Congrats!) was discussing something that happened recently in Seattle, when a police officer brutally beat a 15 year old girl in custody, because he claimed he was trying to prevent any further assaults from said teen. I don't need to say anymore. Instead, I'll direct you to the site, and you can watch the video for yourself. is a site dedicated to informing the American people about the heinous acts of our police forces. They're meant to "Protect and Serve" the citizens of this nation, but for every good cop, there's a bad cop out there to overshadow his/her positive accomplishments.

Check it out. Read. Watch. React.


charlie said...

shits fucked!

E_Napier said...

Yeah, pretty much. From what Toki said, the girl was apparently wearing flip flops, and she kicked one off in the direction of the officer, who then lunged in after her. If you saw the video, you know that what he did was beyond overreacting.

I went to the site and couldn't help but read story after story of these atrocities.