Sunday, May 3, 2009

You Don't Belong Here

Familiar with the story of Luis Ramirez? He was an undocumented Mexican immigrant living and working in Shanedoa, PA. Last July, he was walking down the street with a friend when a group of teens verbally assaulted him...then physically assaulted him, ending his life two days later.

The trial for the offenses recently took place, with two of the young men being tried for third degree murder. The verdict? NOT GUILTY.

There you have it folks. You're justice system hard at work. Protect one of your own, and damn anyone else. The man was an undocumented immigrant right? Why should we care what happens to him? Maybe because he had a wife and children, or for the simple fact that he two was a human being.

Naturally, the defense says that there wasn't enough evidence to support that the boys had actually killed the man. They were charged with simple assault, but the full story on CNN tells you why that's both heinous and absurd.

This story couldn't come at a better time. It helps support a cause that has been brought to light recently at Obey Giant. Head over to read a couple statements by Shepard Fairey and Zack de la Rocha. Then stop shrugging your shoulders and do something. Act like you give a damn. That's a healthy start.

What's even funnier (that's read: sick), is on May 5, also known as Cinco de Mayo, a bunch of people who don't care or want the immigrants to "go home", will be celebrating festivities they don't even understand.

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