Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Like?

Do you like free stuff? Yeah, me too. So does a good number of people in the Indie Hip-Hop scene.

Previously mentioned, FranzDiego.com of Illuminous 3 and Listen to MPLS has blessed the world with another FREE release before his full-length album drops this summer. The Quick and Dirty Mixtape. You like? You will.

On another front, those kids you wish you could be, wish you could have been, or even wish were your friends have dropped another freebie. That seems to be their M.O. The Cool Kids have a new FREE summer release with Gone Fishing. If you're familiar with Totally Flossed Out EP, That's Stupid Mixtape, and The Bake Sale, then this is for you. However, this offering serves up less party joints and is a little more on chill mode.

Finally, New York's favorite dysfunctional Jukie, Cage has a new EP out for -- you guessed it -- FREE! It's titled, I Never Knew You, and it's preceding the upcoming full-length album, Depart From Me, due out July 7, 2009. The only downside is that it's on MTV's Subterranean site (I hate MTV with a burning passion).


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