Thursday, June 4, 2009

MGMT - Kids

The band MGMT has released their latest video last night for the song Kids. I don’t know much about MGMT, but I checked out a few songs of theirs to get acclimated. Honestly, I can’t say that I’m into it, but I don’t not like it. Get it?

Anyway…my good friend, Henry Thurlow did the animation for this video (around the 4:50 mark). If the work reminds you of the Adult Swim show Superjail, well it’s because Henry and the other animator involved also worked on that show. See how that works?

Think Little Monsters with Fred and Ben Savage, meets The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Terrifying, then tripped-out...but still terrifying.

Eat it up, digest it, and spread the word. You’ll like it.


Henry said...

Yo, yo, its Henry! ... so I was looking around at what people were saying about the video and came across you're Blog (which for some reason I don't think I've been to before)Thanks for the compliments ... but one thing: I didn't do there website. Heh. I think Brad THOUGHT I did ... but nah, just the video. (already 5000ish hits on youtube ... sweet)

E_Napier said...

I fixed that snafu. I got the misinformation from Bates, and maybe he got it from Brad? Not sure. Either way, it's adjusted.

I'm glad you didn't do that site, because it's way too busy, confusing, and well...yeah.