Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Circle

These are some crazy times. The music industry is trying to run my pockets, there's a lot to do at the office, and the art world is calling my name.

From September 30 through October 15, the New Wilmington Art Association will be exhibiting it's next group show titled, Eclosion. This show will actually overlap with the City of Wilmington's sponsored art event, Fringe Festival. The NWAA has taken the helm, and will be installing the work of roughly 12 local artists, in addition to our own talent for Fringe.

Full Circle is my latest work, made specifically for the aforementioned events. The officers of the NWAA have deemed "transformation" as the theme of our upcoming show. This is my way of expressing transformation. It's merely a statement of theology and science—not to be confused with science versus religion.

The lotus (theology) represents life that comes from undesirable circumstances, as lotuses can be found in swamps and muck, but grow to be beautiful flowers. The sunburst (science) in the background is an allusion to the death of a star/big bang, which in turn brings about the start of more life.

That's my simple explanation in a nutshell. It had to be about something, right?