Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You, Kind Sir

I sit here in my apartment on my couch, taking part in my daily ritual of vegetating on my couch while watching The Simpsons in syndication. Anyone who's seen the show knows that it's one of the greatest series to ever grace the television.

Now, many people who have had meaningful conversations with me know where I stand when it comes to domestic and foreign relations. Essentially, I feel that, "charity starts in la casa..." With that said, I have no problem with people who attempt to aid others in foreign nations, but there are so many here in our land who need our help just as much.

Even still, many people in some of the worst situations here in the United States of America are better off than people of many nations throughout the world. My dad told me that people in the projects here live like kings compared to people in Iraq (he's in the military). Why wouldn't I believe my father?

During a break, a commercial came on about a laptop that can be purchased and sent to children in developing nations. The laptop goes simply by, XO. The computer can be purchased for $199, then gets sent to children in countries abroad. To find out more about the device, visit www.amazon.com/xo, or stop by www.laptop.org.

Although, if the $199 price tag is a little out of your budget, you can always give the gift of a LifeStraw. I first heard about the LifeStraw during a presentation by an industrial designer, who mentioned the wonderful invention, which makes any water, no matter how dirty it is, possible to drink. How much will the LifeStraw set you back if it's peaked your interest? Well, not much at all. The water purification device will only cost those interested a mere $5, which allows for the purchase of multiple straws.

What's a few lives, right?

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